Berkeley Goes Insane!

Two nights ago, street urchins associated as snitches with the Berkeley Police Department got sufficiently intoxicated, and then climbed up into the tree which was occupied by Copwatch activist and Earth First!er Midnight Matt. Defending himself, Matt drew a knife and cut one of the hands of an assailant attempting to get up onto his tree-sitting platform.  Following their unsuccessful attempt to attack the longtime environmental and community activist, the University of California and Berkeley Police Department arrived.  They took Midnight Matt down, and all of the banners which declared solidarity with radical environmentalism, the American Indian Movement, and the local homeless coalition.  Then, Midnight Matt was taken to Santa Rita jail and charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER!  On Sunday January 30th at 1 P.M. there is an emergency meeting scheduled in People's Park, located near Dwight Way and Telegraph Ave. four blocks south of the main entrance to the UC Berkeley campus.  The general public is cordially invited and strongly encouraged to attend.


Resolution of Midnight Matt Dodt's Court Case

Midnight Matt's April 4th Oakland Court Date

Midnight Matt Dodt's next court date is Monday April 4th, at the Wiley Manuel courthouse, Dept.112, 661 Washington Street, Oakland, CA 94607.  The courthouse is located five blocks south of Oakland's 12th Street BART train stop.  The Earth First! defendant is scheduled to appear between 8:30-10:30AM.  He is now charged with "assault with a deadly weapon", for defending himself on his protest tree platform, against a People's Park intoxicated speed freak who climbed up the tree for the purpose of starting a fist fight with Midnight Matt, while the usual group of heroin mainliners who congregate at night behind the People's Park stage, surrounded the tree and cheered the attacker on.  Obviously, Midnight Matt Dodt deserves the support of all San Francisco bay area climate justice organizers and activists. 

Nota Bene: If you wish to check your belongings in a coin locker prior to entering through the security check point at the courthouse, you may do so in the lobby of the adjacent jail, which is located just west of the courthouse front door. 

Midnight Matt's Next Court Date

At the arraignment, Midnight Matt's charges were reduced to "assault with a deadly weapon".  His next court date is February 17th at 9AM at the Wiley Manuel Courthouse, (Dept. 115), located at 660 Washington Street, Oakland, CA.  His bail is currently set at a whopping $100,000.00!  If you wish to help, contact Zachary Running Wolf at 510-878-8427.

Midnight Matt's Arraignment, Monday Jan. 31 at 2PM

Midnight Matt's arraignment on the ridiculous charge of Attempted Murder is Monday January 31st at 2PM, Department 212 at the downtown Oakland courthouse located at 7th & Washington, near the 12th Street Oakland BART stop.