The Camp for Climate Action, UK Aug 06

Gatherings and festivals have been sites of resistance for as long as people have yearned to take back the power that is lorded over them. The anti-nuclear campaign had its peace camps, road campaigners had road camps…this summer, the ever-growing movement against climate change will have the Camp for Climate Action!

The Camp for Climate Action will bring thousands of people together for ten days of action, education and living the alternative world we hope to build. It will be a hub for everything from solar energy workshops and campaign updates to direct action against some of the worst offenders of the fossil fuel economy. (By this we mean refineries, power stations, airports etc., not the people who work in them, with whom we have no quarrel, and for whom we would support a ‘just transition’ into more sustainable jobs, not to mention with far
better terms and conditions – that is until we can see the back of capitalism altogether!)

Powered by alternative energy, the camp will demonstrate practical solutions in action. It will be a chance for the diverse people and projects working on all aspects of climate change to get together and make change happen. It’s crucial that existing campaigners and activists take part, but we also want the camp to be an event that reaches out to the huge web of people who are deeply concerned and looking for ways to transform that concern into action.

There will be debates and info on various aspects of the science and politics of climate, as we are entering new territory and no one has all the answers to questions like ‘What level of carbon emissions is too high?’ ‘What future (if any) for the hydrogen economy?’ ‘How are we going to deal with Peak Oil?’ There’ll also be practical skills to learn, as well as ideas and practical skillsharing for campaigning – from setting up an allotment to setting up tripods, from how to deal with the press to how to mount a legal challenge against your favourite climate criminal. And we want to do more than disaster- mongering - we’ll have plenty of entertainment and lots of activities for younger people.

The camp will also be a base for direct action against the fossil
fuel economy. Dealing with climate change is about more than personal action. Changing light bulbs and not flying to Spain for the weekend is one part of the solution, but so is getting in the way of the bad stuff happening - with our bodies, our minds and our hearts. Some say the deluded and mad are found in the asylums or amongst the drug users or the road protesters, or anything too frightening or too different. But real delusion is the passive grey expansion of the suburbs, the packed motorways rumbling towards oil depletion, the ‘millions of species threatened!’ story next to an ad for the latest SUV, the billions spent on a war to secure the very issue causing the problem in the first place. In these times, taking direct action against the climate criminals is as real, as reasonable, as necessary as it gets. Direct action, of all the forms of action to take, gets closest to the heart of the problem as well as closest to the beating heart of a truly sustainable, socially just, fossil fuel-free future.

No one thinks that a ten day camp can change the world, but it can be part of the growing movement against the fossil fuel economy. What will a social movement for climate justice and against the fossil fuel economy look like? We don't know, but if we get together with the people who've made a start, if we can take experience and mix it with the ingenuity and energy of the new, we can be a powerful moment, a pulse, in what has to be a growing local, national and
international movement.

THE CAMP FOR CLIMATE ACTION, 26 August – 4 September
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Online campaign in support of the 'DESERTEC' concept

Please lend your support to an online campaign to make politicians aware of the importance of the 'DESERTEC' concept developed by the 'TREC' international group of scientists and engineers ( ). The main page for the campaign is at where further information may be found.

In brief, the DESERTEC concept is a very important 'vision' for future energy supplies and other benefits in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EUMENA). The main elements of the concept are these:

* Deep cuts in CO2 emissions from electricity generation throughout EUMENA using a wide variety of renewable sources of energy, with a phase-out of nuclear power.

* An important part of the energy mix is carbon-free electricity from areas of hot desert, taking advantage of the truly enormous quantities of solar energy in those regions and the simple, effective technology of 'concentrating solar power' (CSP).

* Transmission of renewable electricity throughout EUMENA via a 'supergrid' of highly-efficient 'HVDC' transmission lines. By allowing surplus electricity in any one area to be moved to areas where it is needed, the supergrid will also have an important role in reducing wastage of renewable energy that would otherwise occur.

* Additional benefits including:

- Desalination of sea water using waste heat from CSP plants - a valuable bonus in arid regions.

- Shaded areas under the mirrors of CSP plants are protected from the full glare of harsh tropical sunlight and may be used for many purposes, including horticulture using desalinated sea water.

- Reduced tensions arising from shortages of energy and water.

- Improved relations amongst people in EUMENA via a collaboration that yields benefits for all. This is a positive alternative to the confrontational policies of recent years.

- Jobs and earnings throughout EUMENA.

The DESERTEC concept is described in detail in the 'MED-CSP' and 'TRANS-CSP' reports, commissioned by the German government. They may be downloaded via links from . Further information may be found at and .


Gerry Wolff

Coordinator of TREC-UK, , +44 (0)1248 712962.

Climate Camp location announced!

The location for this summer's Camp for Climate Action has been decided. Following is the text of the press release announcing the location:


June 18th 2006: For immediate release

Thousands of climate change activists will converge on Drax power station - the single largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the UK (1) - for ten days of direct action this summer.

Alison Templeton from the Camp for Climate Action (2) said: "The only solution to climate change is a drastic cut in our energy consumption. Drax continues to belch out emissions while we are staring catastrophe in the face. It has to go."

Activists are planning a Camp for Climate Action in ‘Megawatt Valley’, near Leeds, home of Drax, Eggborough and Ferrybridge power stations. The camp promises education about climate change, sustainable living, and direct action targeting those responsible for the worst emissions.

The Camp for Climate Action is inspired by environmental protest camps
such as the Newbury Bypass campaign, and the Eco-village in Stirling,
which was a base for anti-capitalist protests at the G8 in 2005.

The camp will be held from 26th August - 4th September. Powered by
alternative energy, the camp will demonstrate practical solutions in
action. The camp will offer information, education and space for debate on the science and politics of tackling climate change. There will be
practical skills to learn, from ideas for sustainable living to strategies
for taking action.

Activist Zoe Armstrong said: "Climate change casts a huge shadow over our society. Governments and corporations cannot solve this problem for us, it’s up to us to act now. The Camp for Climate Action will be a key moment in kick-starting the radical action that is needed to tackle climate change."

For more information visit:
0794 458 6036
0790 180 2177

1 – Drax burns more than 13 million tonnes of coal every year (Drax
website ) and emits 20.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, making it the largest single emitter in the UK (Guardian, 16 May 06,,1775695,00.html )
Drax is the UK’s 4th most polluting power station per unit of electricity
produced (WWF ‘Dirty Thirty’ report, October 2005 )

2 – The Camp for Climate Action is being organised through open public
meetings. These meeting have taken place in Manchester, Nottingham,
Oxford, Bristol, Leeds and London. The next meeting will be held in