U.S.: Climate activists DC flashmob

"Over 30 young activists converged on the cafeteria, cleverly wearing
the suit-and-tie disguise that is customary there, and doing nothing
out of the ordinary until at precisely 12:15 pm they froze like
statues. Where groups of ‘mobbers’ stood close together, frozen,
reaching for ketchup, adjusting glasses, adjusting a hair clip, paused
mid-stride etc, the effect was striking. At the end of two minutes of
stillness one member of the ‘mob’ yelled out tick, tick, tick, a catch
cry of Tck Tck Tck a global campaign for urgent climate action run by
the Global Humanitarian Forum and supported by a broad coalition of
climate groups."

"Following this signal, the flash mob raised its voice in unison, crying
out  “The world can’t wait any longer. The ACES bill must be stronger.
Solve climate change now.” Instantly the group dispersed distributing
playing cards (all aces) throughout the cafeteria with the message “The
world needs better. Make ACES stronger. Strengthen and pass HR2454.”

Full report on It's getting Hot in here Blog | Video on Youtube 


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A side of flashmob with your lunch?

An unnamed group of climate activists is planning to descend on one
of the larger Capitol Hill cafeterias on Tuesday to call for
strengthening the American Clean Energy and Security Act. They’re using Craigslist to gather supporters.

Here’s the ad:

Dear DC-ite.

Your presence is requested on Tuesday, June
23rd for a special mission. At precisely 12:15pm, all of us will be
walking through the Longworth office building cafeteria and will freeze
in place for 120 seconds. At the end of 120 seconds, at the signal, we
will drop playing cards (aces, of course) to the ground, or throw them
up in the air and let them fall where they may. And we’ll quietly
resume whatever we were doing, presumably walking calmly out.

Specific instructions:
-show up at Longworth cafeteria at 12:05pm on Tuesday, June 23rd dressed in business attire.
-Bring an Ace playing card (or several) in your pocket. You are encouraged to write “The world needs better” on your card(s)
-At 12:15 precisely, freeze where you are. >>> No sitting, and don’t obstruct any cash registers, doors or walkways.
-At 12:17, (120 seconds later) after the signal, drop the aces to the floor, and quietly disperse.

The action refers to the ACES bill, otherwise known as Waxman-Markey.
Our stance: We need a good global climate agreement by the
international negotiations in Copenhagen. ACES is not good enough. It
needs to get better.

Longworth cafeteria is located in the
center/basement of Longworth Congressional Office building. Its quite
nice, and Tuesday is a ‘farm days’ lunch.



If you guys are so concerned about climate change, why don't you develop a contingency plan for in case working to reduce carbon emissions doesn't work out?


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Update on the flash mob today - got this video from a friend and wrote up my thoughts about participting.