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The Climate Justice Directory is a resource to help you locate an organisation working on Climate Justice in your area.

Carbon Trade Watch
Earth Rights International
Friends of the Earth
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Raised Voices
Real Climate
Rising Tide International
Climate Network Africa and see
Environmental Rights Action (Nigeria)
Oil Watch
Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association
Indian Resource Centre
Research Foundation for science, Technology and Ecology (India)
Art Not Oil
Carbon Web
London Rising Tide
Foe Europe
Rising Tide UK
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Climate Action Network Canada (Eng, Fr)
Climate Crisis Coalition
Climate Lawsuit – FoEUS and Greenpeace US take on the US Government in court
Corpwatch Climate Justice Initiative
Earth Justice
Energy Action
Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative
FoE Canada
Indigenous Environmental Network
People’s Ratification of the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty (US)
Public Citizen
Climate Action Network Australia
Coal Trail
FoE Australia
People’s Ratification of the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty (Australia) Sign It Here!
Save Happy Valley Coalition
Greenpeace Aotearoa
New Zealand Clean Energy Guide
South America
Centre for Human Rights and the Environment (Argentina)
Oil Watch
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The false image of Korean MB(MyungBak) government on climate

There is nothing negative known about Korean government's environmental policies on the international level. Rather, because of scarcity of communication, as well as interest on the country or the issue, the mass destruction of local natural environment is anticipated.

The government is suspected to hide the total budget of so-called 'the four River restoration plan', which is important to estimate how big the plan will be, how much time it will take to finish the plan. In these articles, written by media activists in Korea, dealt with the government's river development plan and what impact it will have on the people's lives and on the environment. It ought to be considered as a conflict against exploitation of the natural resources for economic development.

There will be actions in Copenhagen this December, but more pressure to cancel the plan is needed.


The ambitious plans of 2MB : Part I. From Grand Canal to the River Restoration Plan

The ambitious plans of 2MB: Part II. River Restoration Plan or River Destruction Plan?

Struggle News #7 (June 30, 2009)

June 24, Wed - The government Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
announced plans to screen a film entitled "Daehan News Plan for the
Four Major Rivers Restoration Project," which will be screened in 52
theaters on 190 screens nationwide for one month, beginning on June 25,
last Thursday. However, the government gave no information about which
theaters will be screening the propaganda film.


If anyone wants to know more about it, contact at imc korea. or 

Call for anti-capitalist analyses of the COP15

Call for anti-capitalist analyses of the COP15

A group of people involved in the mobilization for the upcoming UN
Climate Summit in Copenhagen in December - the COP 15, are putting
together an anthology of radical analyses of international climate
politics. The idea is to link what´s going on in the COP-process with
other dimensions of the capitalist system – i.e. immigration politics,
the construction of the EU security architecture, industrialized food
production, the WTO and free trade laws, colonialism, patriarchy and
racism, industrialized society, workplace struggles and much more.


As part of the mobilization towards Copenhagen, we see developing
and spreading these analyses as an absolutely crucial part in the
resistance against the legitimization show being put on by the elite.

We believe the climate crisis to be just one aspect of a bigger and
already long present crisis, capitalism itself.

With this anthology we
would like to deepen the understanding of how the elite power structure
tackles the climate crisis and how that in turn influences our
different struggles against the system. The climate crisis issue is in
desperate need of being re-politicized and discussed structurally,
since those in power have been putting massive efforts into changing
the focus towards details of science and levels of CO2 in the


We are looking for submissions on a variety of topics which span
the spectrum of resistance.  If you are interested in writing an
article for this zine, please send us an email at
with an idea of the topic on which you would like to write (public PGP
key provided below if you would like to use encryption).  the deadline
for submissions is October 1st, and articles should be 1.000-2.000
words.  Also, if you are interested in helping distribute this zine
across Europe, let us know!  Keep fighting and see you in December!

The COP15 zine working group

Public PGP key:

Climate Justice Allies in Québec , Canada

Québec has a strong mouvement of climate allies that fight for climate justice. Organisations have partners to support the international campaign Time for climate justice tcktcktck in our province. 

Together Commensal (, Rythme FM ( and Equiterre ( are going to collect TCKs of Quebecers to present to Canadian government leaders the largest human clock!

The clock is ticking! 

Camp for Climate Action Aotearoa

Building a peoples Movement addressing the Root causes of Climate Change...

Get involved by contacting climatecampnz[at]

Climate Justice Now!

Tipping Point

Tipping Point is a site on climate change in Aotearoa / New Zealand

Climate justice in North America

Climate justice in North America!

Rising Tide North America:

Reclaim The Commons:

Mountain Justice:

Real Climate Science link

This page has a lot of info about climate science:
I don't know where to post it, but it's a good web to have scientist tools looking for a climate justice ;-)

Forests, plantations, climate

The page has a subject index, one of which is "climate change" and another "carbon sink plantations", which contain relevant information on climate change in general and in relation to forests/plantations in particular. The climate seccion can be accessed at:
The carbon sink plantations section at:

Sites to add

Greenpeace is actively working on climate justice.

in New Zealand and

climate/energy justice in Australia

you might want to check out on climate/energy justice in Australia

ACT for the Earth

A Canadian organization working for peace, ecology, and human rights, ACT for the Earth is mobilizing people and commnuities to stop climate chaos.