STOP PRIVATIZED Natural GAS Plants PLUNDERING Pristine Ontario Lands, Water and Air




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..Dec.22.2008..This document given to Local, Provincial, and Federal..politicians, Energy stakeholders and Global Grassroots Networks etc………………………….


On December 11, 2008, Ontario Power Authority announced that it will sign a 20-year contract with York Energy Centre LP  to design, build and operate a 393 megawatt (MW) electricity generating station, on Dufferin Street in the Township of King. Contract Awarded for Northern York Region Power Plant


York Energy Centre LP is a joint venture between Pristine Power and  Alabama - based Harbert Power LLC.

Now that Pristine Power has been selected by OPA and given a contract to build, own and operate a gas peaker plant in King Township of Northern York Region in Ontario’s Oak Ridge Moraines and the Green Belt, it would be wise to find out who Pristine Power is made of and what King Township, Ontario and Canada are in for with Pristine Power.


People of Northern York Region, environs and Ontario - this is far from over. Don’t let the corporate press and the Ontario gov’t lull you into disempowerment. The struggle

has only just begun. This is about your children, your elders, your lives, your future.


This is the Global Struggle come to your community. It is, or is coming to every community. It is the time for truth, it is time to take your stand.


[“Like it or not, King, peaker plant's coming” BY Teresa Latchford Georgina Advocate 12/12/08]


King doesn’t want to play host for the natural gas-fired peaking generating facility to serve the Northern municipalities, but it’s coming anyway, King Mayor Margaret Black said. The Ontario Power Authority announced it will sign a 20-year contract with York Energy Centre LP to design, build and operate a 393-megawatt electricity generation station on Dufferin Street in King Township, despite the municipality’s refusal of the facility.


Although the contract has been awarded, the company now has the responsibility of getting municipal, regional and provincial land use approvals as well as environmental and heath assessments before beginning the construction of the plant. The planning process must have a public input opportunity according to the Municipal Act so residents will have a chance to provide input.”


****But first some important preliminary information. Sithe Global lost $ 400+ million contract for the Northern York Region. Why is this important? Because the Sithe are owned by Blackstone Group, the largest private equity corporation in the world and whose CEO, Stephen Schwartzman calls himself the King of Wall Street. They are strategically targeting Ontario by building equity in privatized natural gas plants. There is great danger here as they are a big shark in a small pond – they are capable of privatizing Ontario Power. (Note these privatized power plants only make available a handful of permanent jobs per half billion dollars approx.) Sithe Global is opposed by U.S. Senate Majority Leader in Nevada, Harry Reid, over Sithe’s proposed Toquop coal-fired plant, and opposed by New Mexico Governor and incoming U.S. Commerce Secretary Bill Richardson over Sithe’s proposed Desert Rock coal-fired plant, and opposed in Ontario by Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance et al.


A year ago, they added former Conservative free-trader and scandal-prone prime minister Brian Mulroney to their board of directors.


Brian Mulroney joins Blackstone board Firm takes on new directors as it prepares for blockbuster IPO”


OTTAWA — Former prime minister Brian Mulroney has been named to the board of directors at Blackstone Group PLC, just as the U.S. private equity firm prepares for a blockbuster IPO. Blackstone said in a regulatory filing Monday it has also named Lord Jacob Rothschild as a director.


Why we ask? Unless there is vital Canadian interest at play (Ontario Power).


The Sithe already have billion dollar asset in Brampton’s natural gas Goreway Station. It is looking to add another billion dollar asset in Mississauga/Oakville, known as Southdown 850MW gas plant. But Mississaugans don’t want any more gas/coal plants.


WHERE ARE THEY GOING TO PUT IT? | GTA | Lakeview’s win is another’s loss

Lakeview’s win is another’s loss / Rob Ferguson / Queen’s Park Bureau July 17, 2008


Province says some west GTA community will have to host power plant; Mississauga says `no thanks.’ …Even local community leader Jim Tovey, whose ratepayers group was credited with swaying political opinion away from the site, acknowledged that Lakeview’s gain may be someone else’s loss.

‘For our community, it’s a wonderful day. But for another community that’s going to have to take the new power plant, it’s not so wonderful,’ he said yesterday. Smitherman, who moved into the energy and infrastructure portfolio last month, said: “I totally understand no one really wants power infrastructure near them.”…

Critics charged politics appeared to play a major role in the Lakeview decision because Smitherman was not shy about supporting the controversial portlands generating station on Toronto’s waterfront.

NDP Leader Howard Hampton noted Lakeview is in Mississauga South, a riding held by Liberal MPP Charles Sousa, while portlands is in Toronto-Danforth, held by New Democrat MPP Peter Tabuns.

‘The minister’s own hypocrisy is particularly galling,’ he said. ‘Furious George is once again displaying his over-the-top partisan streak.’…

A leading contender for the contract to build the 850-megawatt western GTA power plant is New York-based Sithe Global Power LLC. It has approvals in place to build an 800-megawatt natural gas-fired plant in the Southdown area between Clarkson and Oakville, but is waiting for a long-term contract to sell electricity before proceeding. ..

But Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion said her city no longer supports the plant because a recent air-quality study funded by the province found the area is already highly polluted.

‘If Sithe is the winner … the province is going to have to answer to the Clarkson airshed study,’ she told Smitherman. ‘I’m just warning you up front.’

OPA will pick the winning bid and is considering other gas-fired power plants for northern York Region and another GTA location.

Toronto Mayor David Miller said the idea of building more and more electrical plants is “out of date,” the Star’s Donovan Vincent reports…”
Hurricane Hazel McCallion, Mississauga’s long time Mayor has at least one more great fight in her and this will make or break her legacy to Mississauga.

Hazel McCallion, CM (born February 14, 1921) is the mayor of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the sixth largest city in the country. McCallion has been Mississauga’s mayor for 30 years, holding office since 1978. She is affectionately called “Hurricane Hazel[1] by supporters as well as the media at large for her vibrant outspoken style of no-nonsense politics.

She is one of Canada’s best known and longest-serving mayors. At the age of 86, she was easily re-elected in November 2006 for her 11th consecutive term, holding a 91% majority of the votes, and has often been reelected without even needing to conduct an actual campaign.



The other possibility for this giant gas plant is Etobicoke-Lakeshore. The M.P. for this riding is Ex-pat, golden parachute, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. This is where he can begin to earn his environmental-energy, New Economy stripes or show his true stripes. Premier McGuinty, you can pass the ball to Count Iggy.





PRISTINE POWER a Calgary-based power generation project developer whose goal is to become a leading independent power producer in Ontario, British Columbia , Alberta, and North America.

To get to know Pristine Power it is helpful to know WESTCOAST ENERGY corporation. Pristine Power Executive team is composed of people who blazed WESTCOAST ENERGY trails.


PRISTINE POWER President and CEO JEFF MYERS worked for:

Westcoast Energy, Inc.(together with subsidiaries and partners) was from-the-well-to-the-customer integrated natural gas chain energy corporation. Westcoast was a natural gas miner, refiner, transporter (pipelines), distributor and natural gas burner. Their natural gas markets were in British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, United States and internationally (Australia, Indonesia…).


Westcoast Energy was a Canadian natural gas merchant company whose directors and shareholders sold all its assets to the controversial U.S.-based Duke Energy corporation in 2001.


Key climate scientist calls out Duke Energy chief, likens tactics to Big Tobacco’s


Last week James E. Hansen, one of the nation’s leading scientific experts on climate change, publicly released a letter he sent to Jim Rogers, CEO of North Carolina-based Duke Energy. Citing his new study about how climbing atmospheric carbon levels are putting life on earth at risk, Hansen urged Rogers to cancel plans to build new coal-burning power plants in North Carolina and Indiana…”


With Pristine Power, they are collecting more “assets” in Ontario’s artificially set-up natural gas market – to make profits later on by selling it to a larger, global oil and gas corporations, eg. Blackstone-Sithe Global.


Profits they make from selling private gas-fired power to us won’t be invested into our community.  It will be used to set up similar privatizing projects elsewhere. A vicious loop-back on the environment and the economy.


ST.CLAIR PIPELINES in Ontario was a WESTCOAST ENERGY subsidiary whose attempt to build a natural gas pipeline from the Dawn compressor station near Sarnia to the north shore of Lake Erie was unsuccessful because people of Ontario fought it.

While we need corporations to provide services to Ontario to build its 100% Renewable and 100% Publicly Owned Power-Infrastructure Future, Ontario regulatory structure has killed the spirit of a leader in our politicians. Ontario does not have a plan for the future for Ontario and Ontarians. With OPA’s current plan, there is no future.







After Ontario is sold out, Ontarians will spend decades if not centuries struggling to break the chains of the private corporations off their throats. It takes long time to regain commons for all of us to enjoy it, once it is privatized. It takes money to organize, but people’s money to the last penny will be collected by the corporate owner of our lives, land, water and air. It takes space to organize, but each inch of space will be corporate private property. We have to remember where Mother Jones had to stand to talk to miners who wanted to join the union – when every inch of space was owned by the mining corporation.


Under the corporate leadership, people’s money will be collected by the corporation and given to people’s political representatives who will make sure that the corporation wins all the time. Our collective environment will become their private property and they will respond with “OFF THE PROPERTY” sign and their private armies to those Ontarians seeking to plan and negotiate a better life in Ontario.


People of San Francisco wanting to have PUBLIC POWER and GREEN POWER have been fighting a private fossil fuel burning power company Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) - ‘a remorseless private monopoly‘ - now for a century. Recently, they have lost again because their political representatives awash with corporate money have sold them once again.

[“San Francisco set to vote on greener public power”]

[“Clean Energy, the next moves” Guardian Editorial, San Francisco Bay Guardian]

With Pristine Power in King Township, the community, province and the country become blindfolded subjects to secret world trade tribunals where solely corporate interests are represented and where our planning and organizing for public good and green livable future is a punishable crime. This is the side of the regulatory regime Ontario Power Authority absolutely did not give any consideration in their $60 billion Integrated Power System Plan.

["The Impacts of International Trade Law and U.S. Regulation on the Integrated Power System Plan" Prepared for the Council of Canadians by John Calver and Marjorie Griffin Cohen. August 1, 2008 - submitted to Ontario Energy Board]

Ontario Power Authority is a microcosm of this corporate world trade tribunal in that local people of Ontario are kept out of the decision making process which has a direct impact on their communities, their lives and their future.

Ontario Power Authority asserts that whatever the King Township people and their council decide regarding the proposed long-term fossil fuel burning contract in their community, the community resolutions are not a part of the evaluation process.


["The Green Belt is Sacred till the Province Needs a New Power Plant" By John Lorinc Globe and Mail November 1, 2008 M3]









Michael Phelps used to be the chairman and chief executive officer of Westcoast Energy. He was John Manleys’s appointee of ‘wise persons’ committee charged with reforming Canada’s … securities regulatory system” to protect investors, foster innovative and efficient capital markets, and present foreign investors and regulators with a “positive image” of securities regulation in Canada.”


Michael Phelps sits on the Board of Directors of MANY corps. Including Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Spectra Energy and is a special adviser to Tonebridge Power Inc.


“The acquisition (of Westcoast Energy by Duke Energy), announced on Sept. 20, 2001, was $8 billion cash, stock and debt assume transaction, recommended by the Westcoast board of directors and endorsed by 96 percent of Westcoast shareholders at a special meeting on Dec. 13, 2001.“Duke said the transaction adds a network of mostly Canadian-based natural gas assets, featuring 6,900 miles of transmission pipeline, 141 Bcf of storage capacity, major processing plants….”


Duke Energy established Duke Energy Gas Transmission Canada to operate Westcoast’s gas transmission and distribution assets in Canada and retained major offices in Vancouver, Chatham, Calgary and Halifax. The Halifax office became the headquarters for the U.S. as well as Canadian portions of the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline.




‘Duke’s merchant power strategy: gas pipelines are an entry into generation expansion program… lock in transportation related to where the most likely new sources of supply into the U.S. natural gas market are going to come from, which is Canada, both western Canada and from Nova Scotia.’ Hamlin told Petroleum Finance Week that he expects more acquisitions to follow...["DUKE ENERGY GAINS CANADIAN INFRASTRUCTURE THROUGH WESTCOAST PURCHASE" Hart's Petroleum Finance Week, October 1 2001]


on Jan. 2, 2007, Duke Energy Gas Transmission businesses and Duke Energy’s 50-percent ownership interest in DCP Midstream, a 50-50 joint venture between Duke Energy and *** ConocoPhillips, became a separate, publicly traded company, SPECTRA ENERGY Corp. - a natural gas transmission, storage, distribution, gathering and processing operation.


Spectra Energy Corp (NYSE: SE) is one of North America’s premier natural gas infrastructure companies serving five key links in the natural gas value chain:  gathering, processing, transmission, storage and distribution. For close to a century, Spectra Energy and its predecessor companies have developed pipelines and related energy infrastructure connecting natural gas supply sources to natural gas markets. Based in Houston, Texas, the company operates in the United States and Canada approximately 18,000 miles of transmission pipeline, 265 billion cubic feet of storage, natural gas gathering and processing, natural gas liquids operations and local distribution assets. Spectra Energy Corp also has a 50 percent ownership in DCP Midstream, one of the largest natural gas gatherers and processors in the United States. Visit for more information.



SPECTRA is looking to build an underground natural gas storage facility next to Marcellus Shale, and is asking a federal court for permission to take land for the project through eminent domain. According to a landowner in Clearville of Bedford County Pennsylvania ‘They just want to steal your land, so to speak…Our properties will never be the same… It’s just been a nightmare, just a total nightmare.



‘We have only one drinking water system.’ [Marcellus gas shale drilling] is an activity that is completely and utterly inconsistent with a drinking water supply… This cannot happen. This would destroy the New York City watershed and for what? For short-term gains on natural gas?


SPECTRA ENERGY CORP is B.C.’s “largest greenhouse gas emitter”, which with $3.4-million provincial government handout is conducting “a [carbon capture] feasibility project (comment: only biggest polluters do this so that polluting can go on), drilling two wells 2.1 kilometres underground, into what Spectra believes are two giant saltwater reservoirs” in Fort Nelson BC. Spectra “processes and delivers natural gas from the region’s producers, which is high in carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. It is termed sour gas, and requires processing to strip those gases out before it can be distributed to consumers. The unwanted gases are currently vented at Fort Nelson. Spectra has four other plants in B.C., and already captures and stores 200,000 tonnes of carbon in depleted natural gas reservoirs”


- Jeff (Pristine CEO) worked for UNION GAS

Union Gas is an integrated natural gas storage, transmission and distribution company serving about 1.3 million residential, commercial and industrial customers in more than 400 communities in northern, southwestern and eastern Ontario.  Union Gas is a SPECTRA ENERGY company.


- Jeff is a director of TONBRIDGE POWER INC. which develops, finances, owns and operates merchant power lines. TONBRIDGE CEO and President Johan van’t Hof and Chief Operating Officer and Director of its subsidiary MATL, Robert van Beers, worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers focusing on privatization of electricity around the world; financial and regulatory restructuring, and worked with clients from the world’s largest global energy (oil, gas and electricity) companies. Mr. Van’t Hof is lead director and chair of the audit as well as risk and finance committees of Crystallex International Corporation, a Canadian-based gold mining corporation in Venezuela.

Tonbridge Power Special Advisor to the Board is Michael Phelps (who sold $ 10 billion dollar worth of Canadian “assets” to Duke Energy)


Pristine Power Chief Financial Officer Geoffrey D. Krause was Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer of CALPINE CANADA POWER Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Calpine Corporation. Calpine completed its Chapter 11 restructuring and successfully emerged from bankruptcy on Jan. 31, 2008. For historical information on the Court proceeding, including a link to the complete document record, please visit

Calpine burns a lot of gas


Geoffrey worked for Precision Drilling Trust, Canada’s largest oilfield drilling services company, sold to Weatherford International Ltd., one of the largest global providers of oil and natural gas wells directional drilling services; and he used to be Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer of CORK EXPLORATION INC, an Alberta based oil and natural gas company in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

Geoffrey also worked for TRANSALTA Energy trading and generation Calgary-Alberta-based company … operating outside of regulation in both regulated and non-regulated markets and focusing on optimizing asset returns in long-term contracts; buying, selling, and moving power and gas; reducing [company's] exposure to any one market; capitalizing on short-term market opportunities; “government oversight/intervention causes uncertainty in some markets where [company] operates”; 50 facilities? in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Australia; Three surface coal mines: Highvale & Whitewood (Alberta, Canada); Centralia (Washington, United States) ; 18 million tonnes of coal mined


Pristine Executive Vice President, Strategy & Development, Harvie E. Campbell, joined Westcoast Energy in 1984 as a financial analyst and economist


Harvie was leader in developing:


- the Fort Nelson Transmission Project, B.C.


- the McMahon gas processing plant in Taylor, B.C. – was 50% owned by Westcoast Energy, now SPECTRA ENERGY

The National Energy Board approved an application from Westcoast Energy Inc. carrying on business as SPECTRA ENERGY Transmission, (Westcoast) to construct the South Peace Pipeline Project from Westcoast’s existing raw gas gathering system near Fort St. John, British Columbia and the Peace River northward to Westcoast’s McMAHON gas processing plant, in Taylor, British Columbia.]


Lake Superior Power, Ontario - a 110-megawatt, natural gas-fired co-generation plant in Sault Ste Marie…is a ‘low-cost asset which provides sustainable and growing cash flows’ commented Harry Goldgut, chief executive officer of BRASCAN POWER, utility’s 100% owner after acquiring its 50% from DUKE ENERGY in 2002),

But hydroelectric power remains the core of Brascan operations in Ontario, and Brascan is looking for more. A potential source is Ontario Power Generation Inc., which sold Brascan its generating facilities on the Mississagi River in 2002.

Brascan is pursuing wind generation in Ontario, with a 51 per cent stake in Superior Wind Energy, which wants to develop a site near Collingwood.


- Whitby, Ontario 50MW cogeneration gas plant – 50% owned by Westcoast Energy, which sold its interest to Calpine Canada Power Holdings Ltd. (Calpine) of Calgary, a subsidiary Calpine Corporation in 2001. Pristine Power Chief Financial Officer , Geoffrey D. Krause was Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer of CALPINE CANADA POWER Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Calpine Corporation. Calpine completed its Chapter 11 restructuring and successfully emerged from bankruptcy on Jan. 31, 2008


- Puncakjaya Power in Indonesia (388 MW) – was 43% owned by Westcoast Energy; in 2003, Duke Energy International sold its 85.7 per cent majority interest in PT Puncakjaya Power in Indonesia for $300m, including $222m project debt to Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold.


  • ISLAND COGENERATION, B.C. – was 100 % owned by Westcoast Energy which sold it to Calpine Canada Power Holdings Ltd. (Calpine) of Calgary, a subsidiary Calpine Corporation in 2001

["It was supposed to be the latest technology, but the Island Cogeneration Project near Campbell River is turning out to be an environmental embarrassment. The $220-million, 250-megawatt plant built recently by Westcoast Power, will start providing 10 per cent of Vancouver Island's electrical power early next year. But even before the plant plugs into the B.C. Hydro power grid, it is being tagged as a polluter, with unflattering comparisons to other plants in the Lower Mainland that have themselves been criticized for being environmentally unfriendly." (Plant generates pollution dispute Island power project billed as state-of-the-art draws criticism for high carbon monoxide levels" By Malcolm Curtis, Victoria Times-Colonist, Tue 31 Oct 2000)]


- Frederickson Power Projects – was 60% owned by Westcoast Energy

[249-megawatt natural gas-fired electricity generation project in Frederickson, southeast of Tacoma, Washington purchased by Westcoast Power Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Vancouver-based Westcoast Energy Inc., and EPCOR Power Development Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Edmonton-based EPCOR Utilities Inc]


- TAYLOR NGL which was bought by Calgary-Alberta-based ALTAGAS whose Vice President Corporate Affairs, Gregory A Aarssen held senior manager positions at ENRON and UNION GAS LTD (SPECTRA ENERGY).

Taylor NGL owned and operated Alberta-based natural gas processing facilities (the RET and the Harmattan Complex); natural gas liquids extraction facilities (Alberta-based Joffre and BC-based Younger Extraction Plant) and natural gas liquids pipelines located in Alberta.

PRISTINE Vice President, Engineering, Ken W. Spinner, worked for

NORTHSTAR ENERGY, an oil and gas producer/operator in the states of Texas and Louisiana, formed by two oilmen, Larry M. Koonce (President) and Paul M. Esposito (Chief Executive Officer), who each own 50% of the stock in the company. Northstar Energy is always seeking to acquire quality properties at the most favorable prices and will pursue choice opportunities through a pre-established relationship of professional contacts …

Ken was the Executive Director and Vice President of Island Cogeneration Project . This environmental embarrassment and a polluter, was developed by the above mentioned Harvie E. Campbell, currently Pristine Executive Vice President, Strategy & Development. It was 100% owned by Westcoast Energy, and was sold to Calpine whose Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer Geoffrey D. Krause is Pristine Power Chief Financial Officer. Calpine emerged from bankruptcy in 2008.


PRISTINE Vice President, Corporate and Commercial, Suzanne P. Morrison, worked for WESTCOAST ENERGY(natural gas marketing; Westcoast Energy’s International and Power subsidiaries; Westcoast’s Pipeline and Field Services group.

ALTAGAS (investor relations) Stephen H. White Calgary, Alberta, sits on the



FORT CHICAGO ENERGY (Calgary-Alberta) owns and operates energy infrastructure assets across North America within three principal business segments - pipeline transportation, natural gas liquids (”NGL”) extraction, and power. Fort Chicago owns 50 percent of Alliance pipeline which connects northern British Columbia and Alberta natural gas reserves to natural gas markets in the midwest and northeast U.S. and in eastern Canada, and a natural gas liquids mine at the terminus of the Alliance pipeline in Illinois.

It owns the Alberta Ethane Gathering System (”AEGS”)


The power business includes natural gas-fired cogeneration plants in Ontario and California, district energy systems in London, Ontario and Prince Edward Island and waste heat power facilities along the Alliance Pipeline

Fort Chicago and its businesses are developing a liquid natural gas LNG and pipeline facilities on the U.S. west coast, Alberta-based ethane and NGL extraction facilities, repowering and expansion opportunities at the California power facilities and a Nova Scotia underground natural gas storage facility and natural gas pipeline project.


East Windsor Cogeneration Centre

CALGARY, Nov. 2 /CNW/ - Fort Chicago Energy Partners L.P. (”Fort Chicago”) announced that East Windsor Cogeneration LP (”East Windsor”) has completed a private placement of secured debentures due September 29, 2029 (the “Bonds”) in the aggregate principal of Cdn $179 million with Canadian institutional lenders, the proceeds of which will be used to fund the costs associated with East Windsor’s 84-megawatt cogeneration project. “We are extremely pleased with this financing as it locks-in an attractive long term interest rate with payments based on a mortgage style amortization schedule that is consistent with the long life assets and predicted stable cash flows of EWCC,” commented Stephen H. White, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fort Chicago.



Art Willms sits on

Board of Directors of Pristine Power

is a retired President of WESTCOAST ENERGY Inc

currently director of PACIFIC NORTHERN GAS LTD

(BC Lotteries Corporation and Angiotech Pharmaceuticals)





Concluding this short and by no means complete overview of Pristine Power merchant fleet, it is important to say that people of King Township and Ontario have no future with Pristine Power in their communities.  Community land will be privatized to allow for construction of a maze of infrastructure which will connect places of natural gas mining to its burning destinations.  In this scenario, our very communities are treated as natural gas burning markets.  The natural gas chain infrastructure needs land on which to be built.  That land will be taken away from our communities.  That land in King Township of Northern York Region in Ontario is the land on which we grow our food; is the land which collects and streamlines water into our rivers and lakes. That land is called Oak Ridge Moraines watershed.


This watershed is not the only one watershed natural gas has come to destroy.  To be burnt in King Township, natural gas has to come from somewhere and many places where natural gas companies are scrambling to mine gas lie on major watersheds and major pristine wilderness areas (a source of drinking water and a watershed in New York will be destroyed if Marcellus gas shale mining is to supply the gas burning markets.  Same with British Columbia’s Headwaters and so on.


On both ends of the chain and in between, natural gas chain build up of destruction is not something we should be paying for over the next 20 years.


Gas mining and burning releases methane which is another greenhouse gas, but much more intense and much more destructive. It is methane mining and burning that makes coal’s dangers pale in comparison to gas. (e.g. see methane hydrates)


Once our land, air, water and future become Pristine private property, they will be able to sell it onto another corporation - a bigger one, a more polluting one.  By selling their assets, they also sell the land those assets were built on - land of Ontario.


With profits made off of us, and under a different name, they will move onto yet another community promising them “pristine” power, and that community won’t know what they already have done to us, just the way we don’t know what they have done in the past to other communities across this huge country and its provinces.


Gas burnt in our community comes from destruction of water, air and land of other communities. We have to stand in solidarity with all communities which are being destroyed for gas mining and burning. They are many. It is their collective destruction which is being sought to power our “energy needs” when gas is given priority over locally found renewable energy sources.


Ontario needs to be working for its sovereignty through energy sufficiency built from the base of 100% energy-efficient infrastructure (new and old), 100% integrated-renewable and 100% publicly owned power. This is the map for rebuilding Ontario’s economy – not propping up other outdated environmentally and economically dangerous activities in the Province.


Public means having access to power at cost; using publicly made profits for rebuilding our energy system according to our mutually agreed on plan. Public means having access to this planning process. Public means having a chance to plan and deliver 100% energy-efficient infrastructure powered by 100% integrated-renewable power. And public power means a great many new green jobs.


In private hands, Ontario’s any attempt to protect its environment and rebuild its economy green will be punished for standing in the way of fossil fuel kings by the world trade tribunals.






Being first for many, this is the last point:


Murray Newton, the President of the Industrial Gas Users Association (IGUA) suggests Ontario gas consumers could see significant increases in the prices paid for natural gas supply, depending on the … ability to make available additional gas supply from non-traditional supply sources (comment: New York watershed / British Columbia Headwaters / Arctic Sea / liquid natural gas from Russia / coal-gas bed methane mining / gas shale / gas hydrates from under the bottom of ocean floors) as well as the future demand fro natural gas in other North American markets. ….[T]he price associated with that incremental gas supply may be alarmingly high, depending on whole host of unforecastable considerations. This could have grave implications for the Ontario and Quebec economies as well as the thousands of people employed by energy intensive industry. [There are] continued large increases in gas transport and distribution costs. ‘[V]arious gas utility executives are on record as warning that future gas transport and distribution infrastructure development could be frustrated absent significant increases to their current regulated cost of capital.’”


[“Ontario Turns Up The Gas” by Jake Brooks IPPSO FACTO Magazine of the Association of Power Producers of Ontario (APPrO) - November 2008 Volume 21, Number 5



***CONOCOPHILLIPS (headquarters in Houston, Texas) "deliver[s] energy to the world” “conducts its business to return maximum value to shareholders” “third-largest integrated energy company in the United States”

second-largest refiner in the United States and the fifth-largest non-governmental controlled refiner in the world. As of December 31, 2007, ConocoPhillips’ refineries included 12 in the United States, six in Europe and one in Asia; explores for and produces oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids around the world; natural gas gathering and processing operations, and natural gas liquids fractionation and marketing businesses


CONOCOPHILLIPS CHAIRMAN AND CEO JJ MULVA is a member of The Business Council and The Business Roundtable.


Business Roundtable is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies with $4.5 trillion in annual revenues and nearly 10 million employees. Collectively, they returned $114 billion in dividends to shareholders and the economy in 2006.






Say No to Ontario Power Authority Disempowerment

Say No to Nuclear Power, Gas and Coal plants

Say No to $40 Billion for Nukes

Say No to privatization of Ontario Power


Say Yes to Green Jobs, Social Safety Net, Anti-Poverty Programs, Ending Child Poverty etc.

Say Yes to 100% Public Power

Say Yes to 100% Energy Efficient Infrastructure (old and new)

Say Yes to 100% Renewable Energy



Vigil-Info picket
say no to Nuclear Power 11-12 noon / Wednesday December 31, 2008
Ontario Power Generation Bldg corner of University and College

Toronto Across from Queen’s Park



For additional information, please see


POWER UP ECONOMY POWER DOWN GLOBAL WARMING New Energy Economy 100% Public 100% Renewable-A Prototype World Economy





Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance(a homeless network of transborder activists, students, academics, Aboriginal etc.)

Abolition King Coal, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Power and Weapons

The Great Struggle Continues….

Green man

Contact: Ivona Vujica, coordinator Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance – PSEA