List of COP15 Copenhagen Protests and Events

7 - 18 Dec:
* Klimaforum (
11 Dec:
* Our Climate! Not Your Business! (organised direct action to stop Corporations taking part in COP process - Anti-corporate day, Don’t Buy the Lie!
12 Dec:
* March for Climate Justice (including 'System Change, not Climate Change bloc')
* Flood for Climate Justice (demonstration by FoE,
* Global day of Action (
13 Dec:
* Hit the production! (shut down capitalist industrial production: blockade Copenhagen’s harbors:
* Farmer's action (Via Campesina against agro-industry)
* Ecumenical service in Copenhagen (
14 Dec:
* No Borders, No Climate Refugees! (Day of action in Copenhagen. Call to action to international no borders groups during the COP 15 in Copenhagen:
* Reparations for Climate Debt
15 Dec:
* Resistance is Ripe! Agriculture Action Day (Change the food system not the climate:
16 Dec:
* RECLAIM POWER! - Pushing for Climate Justice! (Mass action to enter the COP15 conference area to hold a People's Summit for Climate Justice. Confrontational non-violent civil-disobedience
18 Dec:
* (last official day of the summit) – NTAC actions throughout the city (

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#COP15 Climate Treaty set to Fail: Time for Action
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Governments, not just Corportations

The radical left is putting lots of energy into calling out and disrupting corporations at the moment, but for the next week that energy would be much better spent finding creative ways to directly put pressure on the governments currently negotiating a new climate treaty. Remember it is the interests of the global south that are at stake. A suitable treaty is needed for many peoples' survival.

Coporations are not parties to the Kyoto Protocol, but governments are. We all know that the governments are "in the pockets" of the corporations. But they have the power to reverse that relationship. We all know that they won't willingly reverse the relationship. That is why we must pressure them to.

The crucial step right now, these next few days, is to put pressure on leaders of Annex One or so called developed or first world nations to do the right thing. For example, floods of phone calls to Obama's office (as well as dept of Interior) could be influential. Anyone with a friend in the U.S. can send them an email, asking them to make such a call. Anyone who is a member of a rich country can call her or his own "leaders" as well.

Sometimes less dramatic forms of activism are the most effective. Use the tools that the job calls for. CoP stands for Conference of the Parties. The parties are the nation states. Make them do the right thing

New Zealand

5th December

'Planet A' march and concert for the climate