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Thousands rally across Australia to tax carbon polluters on World Environment Day

An estimated 10,000 people packed the lawns of the State Library on Swanston street Melbourne on World Environment Day to Say yes to a safe climate and support the introduction of a carbon price by the Gillard Federal Labor Government. About 8000 people also gathered in Sydney, 5000 people rallied in Adelaide's Victoria Square, 5000 in Brisbane, 3000 in Perth, 3000 in Hobart, and 2000 in Canberra. Organisors estimate up to 45000 may have attended rallies across Australia today to support climate action and pricing carbon.

Melbourne Protests weblog - Say ‘Yes’ to Action on Climate Change – rally in Melbourne 5 June 2011 |
Flickr photos: Melbourne | Adelaide | Canberra | Sydney

Cut Pollution and invest in Renewables

Cut Pollution and invest in Renewables

Say Yes to a Safe Climate rally Melbourne on June 5, 2011 - World Environment Day

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