Funeral for our future - 26 arrested blockading TransCanada office

Funeral for our future - 26 arrested blockading TransCanada office

Image from Tar Sands Blockade website report, 11 March 2013

US - Pipelines Spill, Exxon Kills! Big Oil Out of Montana!

Northern Rockies Rising Tide and Earth First! Activists Occupy Montana Capitol Building Demanding Governor Schweitzer Publicly Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline and Tar Sands Megaload Shipments

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On the morning of July 12th, six activists from Earth First! and Northern Rockies Rising Tide occupied Governor Schweitzer's office in an act of non-violent civil disobedience. The activists locked their arms in a mock oil pipeline made out of PVC plastic pipe. In the wake of the Silvertip spill, Governor Schweitzer has publicly chastised ExxonMobil for their negligence and lack of transparency, while at the same time continuing to promote the construction of TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline, Exxon's megaload shipments bound for the Alberta Tar Sands, and other extreme fossil fuels projects throughout the state.

Stop Enbridge (BP North) Oilsands Northern Pipeline and SuperTankers to Hell Gateway into SuperNatural B.C.

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