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Approval of Line 9B bringing tar sands oil to New England's doorstep

Approval of Line 9B puts Canadian communities at risk while bringing tar sands oil to New England's doorstep



Underground Coal Gasification - The Next Disaster

Fire in the hole: After fracking comes coal

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Global Carbon emissions continue to grow in 2013

Global carbon budget 2013Global carbon budget 2013By Tim Radford - Climate News Network - Original article. The world's emissions of the main greenhouse gas produced by human activities, carbon dioxide, in 2013 are expected to be nearly two-thirds higher than in 1990.

LONDON, 30 December - Global carbon dioxide emissions are likely to hit 36 billion tonnes in 2013, according to new research from the University of East Anglia in the UK. This is a small rise – an estimated 2.1% - on 2012, but it will be 61% above the levels in 1990, which is the baseline year for the Kyoto Protocol.

The Kyoto Protocol was agreed by most of the world’s concerned nations, anxious to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and contain warming to a global average of 2°C. So the 2013 carbon budget is not being hailed as a great success.

WikiLeak Docs Show Corporate America goons plotting against climate activists


Arctic Sunrise Greenpeace activists charged with piracy in Russia over Arctic oil protest

From peaceful action to dramatic seizure: a timeline of events since the Arctic Sunrise took action to save the Arctic from oil drilling on September 18 (CET). Take Action to Free the Arctic 30 Now!


Congo: Oil exploration in Virunga National Park condemned by World Heritage Committee

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA, 18 JUNE, 2013 – The international body that oversees World Heritage Sites today requested the cancelation of oil exploration permits in Virunga National Park, some of which are currently held by international petroleum conglomerates, including UK-based Soco International PLC and French oil giant Total SA.

Canada: Native struggles against dangerous tar sands oil continues

What other spills is the Alberta Government not telling you about? derrick on June 16th, 2013 4:33 am - <>

U.S.: Keystone Protesters lock on in TD Bank branch Washington DC

Keystone Lockon at TD bank, Washington DC: Still image from Ustream feed @OCCUPYCARLISLEKeystone Lockon at TD bank, Washington DC: Still image from Ustream feed @OCCUPYCARLISLEThree protesters have occupied the pre-lobby of a branch of the TD Bank in Washington DC this morning in protest against the Keystone XL pipeline.

U.S.: Residents and students arrested blockading Natural Gas storage Facility at Watkins Glen, NY

9 arrested blockading Gas storage at Watkins Glen NY. Photo: @Shaleshock9 arrested blockading Gas storage at Watkins Glen NY. Photo: @ShaleshockBreaking Story. Watgins Glen, New York, 18 March 2013: Media Release: Sandra Steingraber Risks Arrest with Local Residents and Students in Blockade of Watkins Glen, NY Natural Gas Storage Facility

U.S.: 26 arrested blockading TransCanada Office, Keystone XL resistance escalating

'Funeral for Our Future': 26 Arrested Blockading TransCanada Office. Escalating resistance to Keystone XL: 'If President Obama will not reject the pipeline, we will stop it ourselves' Reposted from Common Dreams. By Common Dreams staff writer Jon Queally.

Climate activists in Westborough, Massachusetts were being arrested on Monday after blockading the entrance to corporate offices of the TransCanada corporation, the Canandian tar sands pipeline company hoping to receive approval for its controversial Keystone XL project. Calling it a "Funeral for Our Future" and carrying a coffin emblazoned with the words 'Our Future' the protesters held flowers and sang an elegy as they marched in procession. As supporters gathered outside - chanting and singing songs in unison—dozens of protesters were inside where they refused to move, despite warnings from local police.

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